Las Vegas Springs is a natural oasis on the east side of Las Vegas, Nev., that boasts some of the most beautiful views in all of Nevada. Located on the west side of the valley near the Las Vegas Strip, the Las Vegas Springs Preserve has 180 acres devoted to the natural beauty of the surrounding desert environment. The Preserve is part of the Valley Water District, which is governed by the Nevada Water Conservation Board. The Preserve features a wide variety of hiking trails, bird-viewing areas, and recreational areas. Learn information about Las Vegas, NV here.

Although it is the largest of the five springs within the Las Vegas region, the springs are not actually located within the city limits. Although the name is commonly associated with the Las Vegas Strip, they actually originate from the Owens Valley. The area is home to many unique species of wildlife and provides an idyllic habitat for the endangered species such as the desert tortoise. This natural oasis was created by James C. Taylor in the late 1800s and was named after him. The area of the Owens Valley is a wonderful place to visit when visiting Las Vegas or anywhere else. Discover facts about Getting Ready to Get Into the Mirage in Las Vegas, Nevada.


The Springs Preserve is part of the Las Vegas Desert National Parks, which is managed by the Nevada Valley Water District. This water district is one of the state’s most important environmental agencies. The board works closely with various governmental agencies and private entities to protect the area’s natural resources while encouraging conservation and restoration of the area. Each year, the Preserve staff manages the Desert National Parks’ Annual Desert Landscape Celebration. This event showcases different types of outdoor exhibits and events that bring together residents and visitors to the area. In addition to helping preserve the environment and improving wildlife and plant life in the area, the Desert National Parks also serves as a venue for various outdoor shows and festivals throughout the year.