If you have ever been to Spring Valley Community Park in Las Vegas, Nevada then you probably love this area. It is very close to the Las Vegas Strip so you will be able to enjoy the sightseeing while also being able to take in the Vegas nightlife. The main location of Spring Valley Community Park is just a few blocks from the Bellagio Las Vegas Hotel and Casino. This area is perfect if you like to stay out all night or play games before you go to sleep. Information can be found here.

The Spring Valley community park has a variety of activities for children and adults of all ages. There are a variety of playgrounds and outdoor arenas that are designed to be safe for kids of all abilities. There is also a water feature that you can take advantage of while you are out at the park. There are even restrooms located onsite and they are easy to find. All the amenities that you would expect to find at a local park are available at Spring Valley Community Park. See here for information about Be Enticed With The Beauty of The Springs Preserve in Las Vegas.


Spring Valley is located right by the Bellagio and its casinos. When you walk into the Bellagio and see all the beautiful things that it has to offer, then you can imagine what the Spring Valley community park has to offer as well. The Bellagio has an interactive water feature where you can throw a Frisbee shaped object and see how far it goes. There is even a swimming pool in the Bellagio. These are just some of the things that you can experience when you visit the Spring Valley community park in Las Vegas, Nevada.

There are many activities available at this Spring Valley Community Park for the kids to enjoy. If they like the slide then they can climb up on it and slide down. There are several slides for them to use which includes the slide with the rope that goes up and down. There is also a slide that has a slide-rope system which allows the kid to slide down the slide and the rope system allows the kids to slide down the rope. All of these slides are located near the pool area, where you can have a swim with the kids.