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Mortgage Debt Consolidation And Refinancing

Mortgage debt consolidation

Why pay interest rates of 12%, 18%, 24%, or even 36% when you could consolidate your debts by refinancing a debt consolidation mortgage?

Mortgage rates are the cheapest

Did you know that the best interest rates are the ones you would get on your property? The best interest rates are those secured by a mortgage. Why borrow elsewhere when you could save money by consolidating debt?

What is debt consolidation?

Debt consolidation will allow you to lower your payments, and reduce your debt. Quite simply by repaying more principal than interest. With debt consolidation, you will no longer have bad credit, your payments will go down and you will pay off your old debts faster. Our mortgage brokers will help you define the mortgage strategy that is most appropriate for you.

Consolidating debt through mortgage or mortgage refinancing is a cost-effective way to restore your credit and save your money. Your home is a storehouse of capital, so why borrow money on high rate lines of credit or high rate credit cards over 18% when you could get the best interest rates on the market.

Reduce your debt with debt consolidation

Use your mortgage to reduce your debts! Use your capital pool to pay less interest. Mortgages have a much lower interest rate than credit cards. You could save big by refinancing your home with a lower rate mortgage.

Debt consolidation to reduce your payments

By consolidating your debts with your mortgage, you only have one amount left to repay through regular mortgage payments. By making a single mortgage payment, you avoid late payments because you forget to pay your credit card. It’s simple and economical, the best mortgage rates can help rebuild your credit rating.

One mortgage payment

Make your life easier by paying just one financial institution and saving hundreds of dollars refinancing your home. Your home is a reservoir of capital, so why not use it to improve your financial condition. It’s a smart solution to get out of a bad patch.

Use the locked-in capital in your home to consolidate your debts, reduce your payments, and increase your family wealth. It is logical and economical.

Mortgage refinancing when done on time is the best way to avoid lowering your credit rating.

Avoid having bad credit

Don’t wait until the last minute to consolidate your debt and have bad credit. By planning and taking the initiative, you will avoid having a bad credit rating and thus you will get the lowest interest rates for your mortgage refinance.

Don’t wait until it’s too late, consolidate your debts with your new mortgage

Some people wait until they are late to contact us and often they call too late, and this negatively affects their credit. As soon as you have late payments on your credit cards or your line of credit, your credit rating will reduce and the borrowing capacity will also be affected. The longer you wait, the more expensive the credit will be. Would you wait that long to see your dentist if a tooth hurt?

A mortgage broker to advise you

Talk to PIF Lending, the best mortgage broker to help you secure mortgage financing terms at the best possible rate.

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