Our Mission Statement

As honest and caring mortgage loan officers, we are committed to providing the best service to each and every one of our clients. Whether we are providing credit to make buying your dream home possible or relieving monthly stress with a lower monthly mortgage payment through a refinance, we are equally committed to your experience and long term results. Every client deserves to be treated as family, and we will have the absolute pleasure in treating you as such.

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Meet Our Team!

Andrew L.


I’ve spent over a little ten years in the mortgage industry. I was initially born and raised in Las Vegas, NV. Having the privilege to sit in all the mortgage chairs from Receptionist to Mortgage Broker. Without a doubt, I still say I love my job to this day! What has kept me in the mortgage industry is the many ways that a loan can be adequately structured—turning other lenders “No (S) ” to an approved home loan! My main focus is to help you navigate the mortgage guidelines with ease by utilizing all creative solutions to ensure we get your keys to your new home! Outside of the mortgage industry, I have a spouse who helps support my passion, along with a mini tiger/cat, aka Mr. Hail. On the weekends, you will find me on the gun range for some target practice or on a freeway during the weekends for an extended cruise.



After working multiple years in the legal and banking field, Leo has decided to dive into the mortgage industry with full force. Born and raised in Orange County, California, Leo has excelled in academics and is currently attending UNLV to further his education and achieve his goal as an attorney. After recently obtaining his Real Estate License, Leo has demonstrated passion for further education in the industry and growing alongside the Financial side of the real estate world. Leo has experience working in different lending companies, from small personal loans to business loans; he knows what it takes to successfully meet the borrower’s expectations and go above and beyond to be of service. You can find Leo spending time with his partner traveling and exploring new grounds on the weekends. Family is at the core of Leo’s beliefs, and he enjoys going out to California to spend time with friends and family whenever possible. With Leo’s strong attention to detail and open mindset, there is no question that he is an excellent asset to PIF Lending.

Andrew D


People do business with professionals that they know, respect and trust. Ever since Andrew began in the mortgage industry, he’s strived to earn those feelings from every client he’s interacted with by being honest, authentic, and hardworking. With hundreds of financing options available and thousands of mortgage professionals to choose from, it’s essential to work with someone who has your best financial interests in mind rather than a corporate bottom line. Andrew advises his clients with their entire financial futures in mind, knowing that building a relationship based on mutual trust is key to building clients for life. Many of Andrew’s clients have worked with him repeatedly over the years and have become lifelong friends. Andrew relocated to Las Vegas, NV, from Denver, CO in 2019 with his husband Christopher and their corgi, Kya. As an out and proud member of the LGBTQ+ community, Andrew is actively involved in several organizations seeking to advance gay rights. He has a particular fervor for helping members of the community achieve homeownership. Andrew is a proud member of AIME, NAGLREP, and the GLCCNV.



After spending the last 20+ years in the mortgage industry, there isn’t much that surprises her. April has a pedigree of mortgage from the front desk to the post-closing warehouse line. She has worn multiple hats that include assisting Loan Officers with their files and managing teams of employees that assisted branches across the United States. April has had a flavor for the processing side of mortgage loans overall. On her downtime, you can find me enjoying nature and spending time with her cat Willow.



Brodie is our youngest silver state buck, also raised in Las Vegas, Nevada. Class of 2021, he joined the mortgage industry through his interest in real estate. He’s always had a passion for homes and the process behind them. Fresh out of school but seasoned in the industry as he took apart position without company in his Junior year. As he completed each course with his education, slowly but surely, he shuffled the schedule to become full-time. His goal is to reach the title of loan officer by 2025 and attending college concurrently.  Brodie’s passion is for helping those in need.  Outside of the mortgage industry, you can usually find me with e-sports, skateboarding, and spending time with family.



In 2011 she decided to pick up, move and start a new Las Vegas journey, Nevada. Originally born and raised in Rancho Cucamonga, California. After her first year in Las Vegas, I decided to make my move permanent and have loved every little bit of the city. She’s worked in Insurance, Finance, and the Banking industry for a little over ten years, and in 2016 decided to make my final career stop in the mortgage industry. Vanessa brings to the table an understanding of the value of hard work and dedication. Being in this industry will teach you patience and the value of time, but it is overall rewarding to congratulate our clients at the close of escrow. When she’s not busy and servicing clients or on the phone discussing the opportunities of becoming a homeowner, she loves being with my family and our Furbaby, either trying the new local restaurant or just staying in and watching movies.



Raised in a small town in Utah all my life, knowing I was meant to be in the big city to accomplish my dreams. I’ve been in Las Vegas for eight years. Throughout those years, I have developed a large variety of background experience from sales, organization, communication, and much more within various industries that molded me into a great fit to land in the mortgage industry today. He genuinely loves to help people and likes to make sure they receive their best customer service experience. You will either catch him working out at the gym, dancing in my cowboy boots, or getting bronzed in the sun.




Five years in the mortgage industry, yet mastered the trade in no time! She has admin multiple systems, multiple Loan Origination Systems, And keeping the systems in compliance with CFPB and local laws. She also optimizes the systems to ensure they are user-friendly. Simplifying processes and saving users time with automation or additional tools to ensure we close loans on time. When she is not optimizing the system, you can find her making memories with family and friends.




Gene is a military veteran with over a decade of service in the US Navy and DHS with a law enforcement specialization. He came to the lending industry in Chicago in 2001. He worked his way from loan officer to general manager in 3 years, eventually leading a team of over 120 loan officers on Michigan Avenue through the real estate boom. In 2007, he managed another mortgage company in Chicago to great success by refocusing his team to concentrate on referral relationships with financial professionals before the crash in 2008. Following the mortgage overhaul, Gene, like many of his industry peers, sought to reinvent themselves in the workplace. Never far from sales, between 2008 – 2014, Gene became an entrepreneur, helming a medical company, developing Android/iOS applications, and an insurance company before arriving in Las Vegas to sell integrated commercial security solutions. In 2016, Gene and his wife Venus were referred to Andrew Leavitt by their realtor, Nalei Piena. They became close friends through the process, and in 2020, shortly after COVID-19 and a round of lay-offs, Gene went to work for his friend at PIF Lending. Gene likes to write screenplays in his spare time, hone his sales ability, and visit old churches when traveling.


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We live, work and raise our families right here with you in Nevada and we are proud to call the Greater Las Vegas area our home. Our years of experience in the mortgage industry allows us share our knowledge and list of trusted lenders with you to provide the best loan packages available for your home purchase in Southern Nevada. We are licensed Las Vegas mortgage brokers and come with references and reviews from happy customers about how we do business. We believe in working for our clients to help them get the best financing package possible so they can get into a home of their own. We specialize in VA, FHA, Conventional, Fixed Rate and all other forms of mortgages. Give us a call and let us get to work helping you with the demanding paperwork and involved process of applying and being approved for a home mortgage. We make it simple by empowering you through our consumer education based approach to our transparent lending process.