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The most common question home buyers ask us is “What exactly is the difference between a Mortgage Broker and a regular lender?” The easiest way to understand why this matters to you is that working with a Mortgage Broker like PIF Lending translates into saving potentially thousands of dollars in closing costs. Mortgage Brokers like us do not charge up-front lending fees when you purchase a home. Regular lenders or bankers typically charge an underwriting fee, processing fee, and origination fee which becomes part of your closing costs as a home buyer or mortgage borrower. Those fees can add thousands of dollars in fees onto your closing costs which are paid in addition to your down payment. At PIF Lending, we charge no up front lender fees and still give you the absolute lowest interest rate you qualify for without those extra fees. Just for some perspective, those extra fees can add up to 1% or more of the price of the home you intend to buy. Thats A LOT of Money!!! At PIF Lending we stay true to our name and “Pay It Forward” by helping you keep that extra cash in your pocket for things like furniture, moving expenses, landscaping, and savings.

At PIF Lending, we completely understand that applying for a Home Mortgage can be a daunting task. There are MANY different documents required by all lenders, which you need to locate and provide details for. There may be several terminologies you may not be familiar with, lots of questions to answer and public records to be pulled whether you are applying for a VA, FHA or Conventional Mortgage in Las Vegas NV. If that is not enough, then there will be lender fees, which you will have to pay. If you are buying a house for the first time or refinancing your existing home mortgage is not easy, but it needs to be done due to a steep rise in home prices. To help you with the entire process of accumulating the necessary documents, filing an application and then, getting the loan approved, we at PIF Lending will leave no stone unturned. Just make sure to provide us with your credit report and we will definitely find the best loan program for you.

At PIF Lending, we help you find home loan programs at excellent interest rates so that you can be confident in your loan options and make the correct decision for you and your family. Not just that, we help accumulate all the necessary loan documents to ensure a smooth way to your loan approval. We will assist you in every possible way until you get your home ownership

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There is a massive difference between an experienced mortgage broker like our founder Andrew Leavitt and one that’s not so experienced. One of the main differences is the level of frustration and disappointment a borrower experiences during the loan process. No matter who does your loan, it can be stressful but if you work with a lender who is not well trained or not familiar enough with lending guidelines the process can be unnecessarily complicated. As a PIF Borrower, you can be confident our loan officers have received the absolute best training available in the mortgage industry. Getting a PIF Mortgage is a streamlined process in which our expert lenders will pretty much hold your hand the entire time, making sure you understand what’s needed and meet your deadlines. All while charging you zero lender fees and getting you an unbeatable rate.


Having the assistance of a qualified mortgage broker who knows the area lenders, loan officers, and mortgage conditions is essential in navigating the process successfully and coming out with a mortgage that works well for you. PIF Lending is a superior mortgage lending company that can help you with all the aforementioned steps along with the loan process to ensure that your application is successfully approved. With the mortgage application process being lengthy, time-consuming, and confusing, we will advise you to take our assistance, as we have a vast experience in filing mortgage applications for homebuyers with different requirements.

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Call us right now or submit your application below so we can find funding that works with your needs so you can start looking for your new home today. We at PIF Lending guarantee 100% customer satisfaction, so be rest assured, if you are eligible to be enrolled in any specialty programs, then we will make sure that you get all the benefits of it.

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Veterans Affairs (VA) home loan is an excellent choice for veterans or those who are still in service to buy or refinance their homes at a lower rate of interest.

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FHA loans are designed for borrowers with low to medium income. FHA loans have lower down payment requirements and credit scores compared to conventional loans.

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A conventional loan is a type of mortgage loan, which a government doesn’t guarantee or insure, it is backed by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac whom are the entities that insures most of the loan.

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Fixed rate mortgages are the industry standard when writing a home loan, and have been for many years. The reason is predictability. ​

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Whether you are looking at a fixed rate, adjustable rate, or conventional loan, our experienced staff of Mortgage Brokers have a network of lenders who are willing to work with a full range of borrowing situations, whether it is a low FICO score, a jumbo loan that is needed, or refinancing to avoid the worry of a major change to a payment due to expiring time frames on your adjustable-rate mortgage.

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In a booming real estate market like Las Vegas and Henderson, home loans are a huge part of our industry and community. Mortgage lenders are willing and ready to make competitive offers to get you into a home quickly, at the best rate, and with the best terms available. The best offers will come to you if your credit scores are high.


As you complete the application process, mortgage lenders will review your application after which, they will decide your eligibility for a funding package. In case, you want to increase your chances of getting your application approved for a house in a posh locality of North Las Vegas, then contact us. Not every Lender works with every type of borrower, as it all depends on your home value and credit score. Some do not offer jumbo home loans, or high-value loans usually geared towards luxury or multiplex properties. Some are more geared towards working with Veterans and Service Personnel and know the ins and outs of Veteran’s Administration or VA Loans intricately.

Mortgage lenders have a fairly set list of criteria they look at when they review your application and decide if they will offer a funding package. Not every Mortgage Lender works with every type of borrower. Some do not offer jumbo loans, or high value loans usually geared towards luxury or multiplex properties. Some are more geared towards working with Veterans and Service Personnel and know the ins and outs of Veteran’s Administration or VA Loans intricately.

Others will assume more risk and are willing to work with borrowers who need help getting credit established to improve their credit rating and history or need lower up-front payments.

Our experienced mortgage broker staff knows which lender works with what kind of borrower and matches up to your needs and information with the appropriate lenders. This allows faster response times and often lower costs for your loan than other lenders in Las Vegas can provide. Call us at our customer service number, and we will be happy to talk with you about the best loan products that work best for your personal, financial, and home purchase or refinancing goals.

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Property values in Southern Nevada are going up. With the rate of interest on mortgage loans at all-time lows, now is the time to take action and start a mortgage application with us. You can expedite your loan process by taking the help of our professionals.

Locking in a rate before the Federal Reserve moves the prime rate assure you a very low mortgage interest rate for home mortgage borrowers. A lower interest rate throughout your home loan can save tens of thousands of dollars. We know where to find the best lenders in Vegas to help you get the loan suiting your budget. We know how to present your home loan package to get the best rates with no additional fees better than any mortgage broker in Henderson and Las Vegas NV.

Our loan officer uses one of the most accurate loan calculators to calculate the estimated amount of loan, so get in touch with our officer to know your loan amount.

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Mortgage is a broad term, which has many subparts. One such part is debt consolidation, which refers to an act of taking out a new loan for paying off other expenses and debts. There are two types of debt consolidation loans, which are secured and unsecured, and we can help you with both.

Besides debt consolidation loans, we also help our customers get a reverse mortgage loan, which is secured by a residential property that allows a borrower to access the encumbered value of his/her property. This type of loan is mostly opted by older homeowners and these don’t require monthly mortgage payments. We also assist our customers on how they can prevent the accumulation of loan interest and other fees in the reverse mortgage loan. Basically, the reverse mortgage is confined to people in their 60s who are interested in borrowing money against the value of their properties.

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A successful mortgage lending home loan will be clear, and you will know exactly what your terms are, what it will cost you if there are prepayment penalties, and what will happen if you decide to opt for home equity loans. Call us or send in our contact form, and one of our professional mortgage brokers will be in contact with you to set up an initial meeting or call. We will get some basic information, answer questions, and give you an idea of what types of mortgages may work best for your situation. Call now and let’s get started on finding funding that works with your needs so you can start looking for your new home right away.